RagBe's 'rag' means a piece of cloth.
So that every single piece of cut is gathered into a quilt,
The power of each of us is small, but we want to create good things together,
Rag Be ... We were named.

Customers who are making movies, music, publishing, broadcasting, etc.
We aim to contribute even a little to the development of the soil
where the good old thing is changed and the new culture is born by doing various support
until transmitting to the world through digital.


Company Rag Be Inc.
Officer CEO Katsuhiro Higuchi
Establishment July 2, 2012
Address 7-4 #502, Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0044, Japan
  • Planning, development and operation of systems and websites, and contracting their operations
  • Planning, production and sales of content and acting on them
  • Planning, production and sales of design such as advertising, publications, and the Web
  • Planning, production, operation and management of various events
  • Production, manufacture, production and sale of publications, clothing, miscellaneous goods, and food
  • Antique dealer based on antique sales law
  • Restaurant Management
  • Various consultancy services
  • General Labor Dispatch Business
  • Any business related to the above items
Supplier Google Japan Inc / Mode Musik inc. / Itokin Co.,Ltd / avex music creative Inc. / KING RECORD CO., LTD. / CRIMSON TECHNOLOGY, Inc. / Columbia Marketing Co.,Ltd. / Spotify Japan / TAISHITA Label Music Co.,Ltd. / Tower Records Japan Inc. / TuneCore Japan KK / BANDAI VISUAL CO.,LTD. / BEATINK Inc. / Hostess K.K. / Robotic Biology Institute Inc / dip&S_tokyo calling inc. / TEICHIKU ENTERTAINMENT, INC. / A-Sketch INC. / JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corp. / IMAGICA Corp. / KSR CO.,LTD. / NTT DATA Smart Sourcing Corporation / Art Union Corporation / Aniplex Inc. / AMUSE INC. / Ultinet,Inc. / ultraCeep Inc. / ENTERMEDIA INC. / croix Co.,Ltd. / CyberAgent, Inc. / Southern Crew Corporation / SCRIPT Inc. / STUDIO GHIBLI INC. / Sony Music Artists Inc. / Sony Music Direct Inc. / Sony Music Direct Inc. / Sony Music Labels Inc. / SONG X JAZZ Inc, / DISCO Inc. / TV ASAHI MUSIC CO.,LTD. / TOY'S FACTORY Inc. / DREAMUSIC Inc. / Vap inc. / PAL CO.,LTD / HIP LAND MUSIC CORPORATION INC. / FOR LIFE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT,INC. / PONY CANYON INC. / Marvelous Inc. / Mynavi Corporation / Music Ray'n Inc. / YAMAHA MUSIC COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD. / RecoChoku Co.,Ltd. / WATANABE MUSIC PUBLISHING CO., LTD / NIPPON CROWN CO,.LTD / ONEPEACE INC. / EXA INTERNATIONAL / Yamaha Music Entertainment Holdings, Inc. / UK.PROJECT INC. / Yoshimoto Creative Agency Co., Ltd. / Rightsscale, Inc. / Lantis Co., Ltd. / RUBBER SOUL INC.(In random order)
Business license Second-hand shop license [No.303311607126/Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission]


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